Fred et son frère

Fret & son frère

"Fred has not seen his Jean-Christophe in months and years. The last memories he kept are the notes that were blown from his violin on the day his brother sailed out. Each month since the boat has crossed the horizon, he has received a letter, and has put it aside. And today, he has decided to open these letters."

This duo was born at the precise moment when those two brothers were farthest apart across the planet. While Frédéric is studying at the Royal Jazz Conservatory in Brussels, by 50°N and well into the mists of Northern Europe, Jean-Christophe is sailing down towards Cape Horn on the roars of the 56th Southern parallel.

These two have shared music since their childhood, yet it has taken all that sea between them to finally bring together their experiences and emotions: from the distance came this project, that tells their brotherly tale.

About the musicians


Frédéric Gairard. Young talent from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he grew up in a family of artists in the south of France and began studying the violin at the age of 6. At the very beginning of his classical journey, he joined the National Conservatory of Toulon and that of St Raphaël, concurrently exploring the world of Gypsy jazz and music from Hungary and Romania. In 2016, he enrolled in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels for jazz violin.

A prominent figure in the music scenes of southern France and Brussels, he has performed at various festivals such as Djangofolies, Jazz at the Château de Cagnes-sur-Mer, Pesquière evenings in St Tropez, and the St Raphäel Jazz Festival. He has participated in several projects, including The Swingsons, Les contes d’Alfonsina, Mosaïque Duo, BalKaviK. Among his notable collaborations are musicians like Marcel Râmba, Tcha Limberger, Jacqueline Baghasaryan, and Nicolas Hauzeur.