Quarteto Rebolô

Quarteto Rebolô

In Portuguese, rebolou, rebolar is a verb full of meaning: to move the hips, walk, or dance while swaying. But rebolar is also about improvisation, figuring things out in the face of a difficult situation. Trio Rebolô was formed in 2022 during the creation of the play Mémoires d'un monde au-delà de l'abîme written and directed by Bárbara Maia. Now, the trio is strengthened by the magical strings of Felipe Ariani.

With different backgrounds, we have come together in our passion and immense respect for Brazilian music. Come dream and dance with our repertoire full of gems from Brazilian music!

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About the musicians


Bárbara Maia. Brazilian, settled in France for 5 years, trained as an actress. She offers theatrical work related to feminist issues and coloniality. With strong roots and a broad knowledge of Brazilian music, she simultaneously pursues a career as a singer in various formations.


Felipe Ariani. An author-composer-performer from Rio de Janeiro, he independently released his first two albums, Sopro (2016) and Volta (2020), and has worked with composition for theater and cinema. In Marseille for three years, Felipe captivates his audience with his guitar, cavaquinho, and a "carioca" accent.


Jorge de Santos. Born in Santos, São Paulo, he began his career at the age of 15 and has played with great Brazilian artists such as Moraes Moreira, Gilberto Gil, Armandinho, and Hamilton de Holanda.