Mor Aani (lyrics by Nésar Ouaryachi)

In November 2023, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Tournée des Refuges, this composition has been performed with the most appropriate instrumentation. A live concert version will be available soon. Here is a rehearsal recording.

Nésar Ouaryachi: lead vocals, double bass; Mohamed Abozekry: vocals, oud; Léonore Grollemund: cello; Florian Vella: vocals, guitar; Olivier Ombredane: flute; Jules Fromonteil: clarinet; Coline Rigot: violin; Jean-Christophe Gairard: viola; Anissa Nehari: percussion.

In April 2022, another version was recorded live with the quartet: Nésar Ouaryachi, Florian Vella, Gaspard Panfiloff, and Jean-Christophe Gairard at Le Solar in Saint-Etienne, FR

Here is the demo version, recorded at home, exposing the main themes of Mor Aani.

Tabaze Kolo

Tabaze is a slang word from the Grésivaudan region in the French Alps, meaning to do things with enthusiasm. Inspired from the study of Serbian kolo music, 2020. Written during the COVID-19 lockdown. Home production.


In memory of a train trip from Pitești (central Romania) to Chișinău (Moldavia), 2020. Recorded with Tournée des Refuges on July 22, 2021.


Toamnă is the Romanian word for autumn. Written during autumn 2014. Two live versions below.

Recorded with Sonato Tzigano in Berlin in August 2017. (Listen to the full album on Bandcamp.)

Recorded in Marseille with Tzwing Trio in June 2018.

Für Titi

My very first composition, around 2010. Dedicated to the wondeful violin player Titi Winterstein. From the album Live In Marseille (2014), Clair de lune trio.