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Pingouin & Goéland et leurs 500 petits

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This is the story of a couple who couldn't have children and ended up having hundreds.


  • Michel Leclerc: director
  • Muriel Meynard: producer
  • Jean-Christophe Gairard: music

Recorded at Studio Libretto in Paris, by Luc Montaudon with Jean-Christophe Gairard (violin, guitar, bandolim), Stéphanie Gairard (flute), Hélène Richaud (cello), Juan Villarroel (double bass), Luc Montaudon (guitar), Michel Leclerc (lead vocal), Gaspard Panfiloff (piano, guitar). More credits at IMDb.

  1. Louise (JC Gairard's title) / La Douche (Michel Leclerc's title)

  2. Animation Marceau

  3. Blues / Biographies

  4. Louise duo / École pirate

  5. Epuration Part 1

  6. Epuration Part 2

  7. Rumbita / Créer des racines

  8. Valse triste / Le doux cocon

  9. Idée n°7 mandoline / Ose

  10. Idée n°5 / Route barrée

L'enfance d'Ivan


Orchestration for Musical Studies Diploma in Film Scoring at the Marseille Conservatory, 2023.

Opening sequence of Ivan's Childhood (Ива́ново де́тство, Ivanovo detstvo), directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Co-written by Mikhail Papava, Andrei Konchalovsky.

Thanks to my professors for their pedagogy and kindness, Pierre-Adrien Charpy and Véronique Poltz.

Home production made with orchestral plugins. Get the full score or the thematic material score.

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Mémoires d'un monde au-delà de l'abîme

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I realize that the gap between the "old" and the "new world" is greater than I imagined.

Coloniality is still very much present. I want to talk about it.

―Bárbara Maia

If the methodology used for the sound and musical composition of this piece is based on the principle of generative themes or motifs (melodic and/or rhythmic), my experience as a composer, previously limited to instrumental composition or for cinema, is profoundly enriched by the theater, particularly this engaged theater.

Music, as a support to the discourse, is entirely representative of my position in the play. It is a life narrative, a battle that I witness but that is not my own, simply due to my condition as a white heterosexual European man. In this play, the music never takes precedence over the theatrical performance; its role is to invite deep listening, a profound engagement with the narrative that comes from afar, from the other side, from our supposed "past" colonialism that unfolds in the present.

Offering my support to this work now seems like a natural choice: using my own tools to aid the struggles, to make them visible so they may come to fruition.

See the project's page for more information on the theatre piece.

Music examples

A kind of samba that illustrates the character's entry into memory:


Royalty, a parody that denounces the colonial poverty of that country, Brasil, where the prince must sell lands to afford a decent enough outfit for the marriage of the Prince of Monaco.


Rebolar, move your butt, in Brazil it is a verb full of meaning, it means dancing by moving your hips. It also means improvising, facing a difficult situation. Violated since 1500, we have to Rebolar every day to laugh a little more and cry a little less. To get out of the prison of yes and no that was imposed on us. To cure. To (sur)vive. To celebrate our beauty and our abundance that resist.